Welcome to my blog. Here I will be doing album reviews(preferably rock) and album rankings.

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  • Samurai – Samurai, 1971
    Samurai is an English prog rock band that put out a number of albums in the late 60s/early 70s. Samurai originally started as The Web, later shortened to Web, and finally Samurai. As The Web they released two albums, Fully Interlocking, Theraphosa Blondi, and I Spider under the name Web. The album starts with “Saving […]
  • Trouble – Psalm 9, 1979
    Ok, so this is a “doom metal” band I found while searching out artists Black Sabbath had influenced. At the time this album released in 79’ there hadn’t been much bands that took the “heavier” route of Sabbath. Most bands, mainly the rest of the NWOBHM, were doing the Judas Priest thing with dual guitar […]
  • Speed, Glue, and Shinki – Eve, 1971
    Here’s an underrated 1971 psychedelic rock gem – Speed, Glue, and Shinki. Speed, Glue, and Shinki was a power trio formed in 1970 by guitarist Shinki Chen(labeled the Japanese Hendrix), bassist Masayoshi Kabe, and drummer/vocalist Joey “Pepe” Smith(of later Juan de la Cruz Band fame). The music is thick distortion drive guitar and bass, a […]
  • Rainbow Studio Albums Ranked
    8. Difficult to Cure (1981) This release feels like the weakest band effort. Great rhythm driven and riff heavy tracks like “I Surrender”, “Midtown Tunnel Vision”, and “Spotlight Kid”. The latter being one of the better Blackmore riffs. But outside of the aforementioned songs the album overall feels real average and uninspired. 7. Stranger in […]
  • Rainbow – Stranger In Us All, 1995
    Stranger in Us All is the eighth and final outing album by Rainbow, released in 1995. Blackmore put together a new version of Rainbow with little-known musicians in 1994. Stranger in Us All was originally intended to be his solo album but it was billed as Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, making Stranger in Us All the […]
  • Rainbow – Bent Out of Shape, 1983
    Bent Out of Shape is the seventh studio album released by Rainbow. Bent Out of Shape would be Rainbow’s final studio album before their twelve-year hiatus from the studio. It also proved to be the band’s final studio album with vocalist Joe Lynn Turner, bassist Roger Glover and keyboardist David Rosenthal, and their only one […]
  • Rainbow – Straight Between the Eyes, 1982
    Straight Between the Eyes is the sixth studio album by the British hard rock band Rainbow, released in 1982. The band line-up was the same as had recorded the previous year’s Difficult to Cure album, with the exception of David Rosenthal, who replaced Don Airey on keyboards. This opens with the best track on the […]
  • Rainbow – Difficult to Cure, 1981
    Difficult to Cure is the fifth studio album by Rainbow, released in 1981. The album marked further commercialization of the bands sound. It became the bands highest charting album on the UK charts, where it peaked at number three. American singer Joe Lynn Turner was recruited and sang over already completed musical tracks. The album’s […]
  • Rainbow – Down to Earth, 1979
    Down to Earth is the fourth studio album by Rainbow. It is the last album to feature drummer Cozy Powell and the only album with vocalist Graham Bonnet. By 1978 Ritchie Blackmore had dismissed Bob Daisley and David Stone soon after Ronnie James Dio quit the band. Blackmore recruited former Deep Purple band mate Roger […]
  • Rainbow – Long Live Rock n Roll, 1978
    Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll is the third studio album by Rainbow released in 1978 and it’s the final album featuring vocalist Ronnie James Dio, signifying the change towards a more main stream band. The song starts with the title track “Long Live Rock n Roll” which is similar in theme to “If You Don’t […]