Wishbone Ash – Wishbone Ash, 1970

Wishbone Ash’s self titled 1970 debut. Wishbone Ash, one of the earliest pioneers of the twin guitar leads. This album consists of six straightforward blues rock with a mix of prog, folk, and psychedelic improvisation. During a Wishbone Ash’s soundcheck Deep Purples Ritchie Blackmore was jamming and guitarist Andy Powell joined. After the show Blackmore recommended MCA Records sign the band, and the rest is history.

The album cover is a wishbone with part of the bottom chipped and crumbling away.

This album opens with “Blind Eye”, a twin guitar riff with vocals following that soon divulges into a lead that shows what guitarists Andy Powell and Ted Turner are capable of with the six-string. Following it is “Lady Whiskey” another blues boogie jamming track. “Error of My Ways” is a track that sounds similar to their flagship 1972 album Argus. A folk influence with great harmonizing. “Queen of Torture” is a blues jam similar to the first two tracks. “Handy” is an eleven minute track that starts of with a bluesy bass intro. Eventually the twin guitars and drums come providing a full blues-prog sound. Mid way through the song breaks out into a full on rock and roll jam. At the nine minute point it breaks into a drum solo before vocals eventually come in and it goes back to a bluesy jam. “Phoenix” is a 10 minute track which instantly shows their lead guitar capabilities. The double guitar solo at around 4:50 on this is truly standout and excellent. The tempo changes often and guitar solo similar to Deep Purple’s Child in Time. This showcase what the band would eventually become with the 1972 release of Argus.


1. “Blind Eye” 3:40

2. “Lady Whiskey” 6:06

3. “Errors of My Way” 6:56

4. “Queen of Torture” 3:20

5. “Handy” 11:20

6. “Phoenix” 10:23

Rating: 7.3/10

Genres: Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Prog Rock

Andy Powell: lead guitar, vocals
Ted Turner: lead guitar, vocals
Martin Turner: bass, vocals
Steve Upton: drums

Run Time: 41:57

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