Five in One: Album Reviews

The Adventures Of Robert Savage Vol. 1, 1971

The artwork is a man facing a dragon in a fairy tale land, so I was expecting medieval/fantasy Prog rock. This is Hendrix inspired guitar based psychedelic rock. Nice fuzz driven guitar solos and great bass playing although the vocals are rather weak, other wise the band is very solid. It consists of 9 tracks, the longest only extending for 5:46. Recommended tracks are Beaver Baby, Milk Run, and Save Us From the Cyclops.

Potliquor – First Taste, 1970

The album cover shows the four group members. One of the first southern rock bands to emerge in the 1970s, Potliqour merges country, blues, and r&b for their debut. This albums has a lot of Beach Boys-esque harmonizing backed by a tight rhythm consisting of bass, guitar, percussion, and piano. Great album if you’re big on southern rock. Recommend tracks are Down to the River Boogie, the Raven, and Driftin’.

Music Emporium- Music Emporium, 1969

Music Emporiums debute and only album is what you’d expect from the cover. Late 60s West Coast rock drenched in psychedelia. Similar to what California based bands like Strawberry Alarm Clock and the Electric Prunes were putting out around that time. The second half of the album is where this really shines. Tracks like Cage, Velvet Sundays, and Sun Never Shines are a good showcase of what this groups members where capable. Only downside to this album is an ever present church organ.

Circus 2000 – Circus 2000, 1970

An Italian psychedelic band, this effort sounds closer to what American bands were putting out at the the time due to the English vocals. The record is pretty average overall with only a few songs standing out. The Sun Will Shine, I Am the Witch, and Try All Day.

Corpus – Creation A Child, 1971

Hard rock with some heavy tracks. The artwork is really the most interesting thing this band has to offer, had it not been for that I would have completely missed this. A “long play” can be had on this album. The guitar driven song titled “Joy” which has a bluesy acid-rock sound. Overall the album is just decent outside of the aforementioned track.

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