The Yardbirds: Studio Albums Ranked

5. Birdland, 2003

On the 2003 Yardbirds release of Birdland only two original remembers remain, drummer Jim McCarty and rhythm guitarist Chris Dreja. Most of the record consists of covers of their hits like Over Under Side Ways Down, For Your Love, and Shapes of Things. The production is overall good and sounds similar to their previous albums.

4. For Your Love, 1965

Straight blues like everything in England during the mid-60s. Most of the music on this album is very inconsistent and you could do with just the title track For Your Love, I Wish You Would, and I Ain’t Done Wrong. Jeff Becks lead guitar on this really drives the album.

3. Having a Rave Up with The Yardbirds, 1965

The second American album by the Yardbirds. The last album to feature guitarist Eric Clapton, as Jeff Beck came in due to Clapton not liking the pop route the Yardbirds were taking. The A side is studio work with Beck, side b is live with Clapton.

2. Little Games, 1967

Following the departure of Jeff Beck, future Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page picks up the lead guitar role. White Summer, a guitar driven and atmospheric instrumental stands out as one of the greatest the Yardbirds put out. Glimpses is a psychedelic experience, much similar to what Brian Jones was doing at the time.

1. Roger the Engineer, 1966

This album starts of with Happenings Ten Years Time Ago an experimental track with a nice guitar solo. The next three tracks, Psycho Daisies, Lost Women, and Over Under Sideways Down showcase that the Yardbirds were still very capable of putting out rocking blues numbers. The latter being a great example of Jeff Becks eclectic lead guitar. Rack My Mind and Hot House of Omagararshid are great psychedelic and experimental pieces that stand with anything the Beatles and Stones were putting out at this time. Jeff’s Boogie is another example of Jeff Becks capabilities on guitar, with rockabilly flavored playing. Overall this is my favorite from the Yardbirds and a reason I consider Jeff Beck the greatest to come from this band.

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