Rainbow – Rainbow Rising, 1976

Following up with yesterdays album is the 1976 release of Rainbow Rising. Ritchie Blackmore only retained vocalist Ronnie James Dio for this album lineup and recruited drummer Cozy Powell, bassist Jimmy Bain, and keyboard player Tony Carey to complete the new line up. This album was recorded in less than a month and produced by Martin Birch.

The album kicks off with “Tarot Woman” which is introduced by an atmospheric synth until the rest of the band comes in with a heavy rhythm. Following this is “Run with the Wolf” A groovy and rhythmic track which showcases the great fantasy-esque lyricism of Ronnie James Dio. “Starstruck” is a track that talks about either an omnipresent woman or a stalker this is a really catchy track and one of Rainbows most popular. “Do You Close Your Eyes” is a rather uninteresting track and seems to be filler compared to the rest of the album.

side b,

“Stargazer” this album kicks off with heavy drumming by Cozy Powell and enters the guitar roofing of Richie Blackmore. This is clearly the greatest track on the album and one of the greatest in rock history. The lyrics tell to tell of a wizard who believes he can fly. The wizard has enslaved people to build him a tower in an attempt to fly during which he dies and the slaves feel lost until they see a rainbow rising on the horizon. This song is an epic with dramatic vocals by Ronnie James Dio. “A Light In the Black” is a heavily guitar driven song which extends the narrative of the previous track “Stargazer”.


1. “Tarot Woman” 5:58

2. “Run with the Wolf” 3:48

3. “Starstruck” 4:06

4. “Do You Close Your Eye” 2:58

5. “Stargazer” 8:26

6. “A Light in the Black” 8:12

Rating: 8.5/10

Genres: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Prog Metal, Power Metal


Ronnie James Dio- vocals

Ritchie Blackmore- guitar

Tony Carey – keyboards

Jimmy Bain – bass

Cozy Powell – drums

Run Time: 33:28

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