Rainbow – Difficult to Cure, 1981

Difficult to Cure is the fifth studio album by Rainbow, released in 1981. The album marked further commercialization of the bands sound. It became the bands highest charting album on the UK charts, where it peaked at number three. American singer Joe Lynn Turner was recruited and sang over already completed musical tracks.

The album’s cover had originally been intended for use on Black Sabbath’s 1978 release Never Say Die!.

The opening track “I Surrender” should tell you right away whether you’re going to like this album or not. The song has a nice back-and-forth solo between Blackmore and Airey, and phenomenal vocals from JLT. “Spotlight Kid” is one of the best songs Rainbow penned. It features a great riff in solo, what the other songs on here seem to lack. Blackmore really seems to shine here. “No Release”, “Magic”, and “Freedome Fighter” sound like a lousy attempt at the blues. “Vielleicht Das Nachste Mal” is a fairly good instrumental track, if you enjoyed “Still I’m Sad” you’ll surely like this one. “Can’t Happen Here” features a great Blackmore riff and the vocals fit well. The piano in the back riffing with the guitar seems to just flow. As good as it gets on this album. “Midtown Tunnel Vision” sounds like more filler. It’s a pretty disappointing and unremarkable track. The closing track, an instrumental, “Difficult to Cure” is the best track on here. This is where Ritchie truly shows his classical influences. It also features a great organ solo form Airey. This is a great instrumental and I recommend watching any live performances of this for the full experience.


1. “I Surrender” 4:01

2. “Spotlight King” 4:54

3. “No Release” 5:33

4. “Magic” 4:07

5. “Vielleicht Das Nachste Mal” 3:17

side b,

6. “Can’t Happen Here” 4:57

7. “Freedom Fighter” 4:21

8. “Midtown Tunnel Vision” 4:31

9. “Difficult to Cure” 5:57

Rating: 6/10

Genres: Hard Rock, Power Metal

Joe Lynn Turner – vocals
Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
Don Airey- keyboards
Roger Glover – bass
Bob Rondinelli – drums

Run Time: 42:53

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