Rainbow – Straight Between the Eyes, 1982

Straight Between the Eyes is the sixth studio album by the British hard rock band Rainbow, released in 1982. The band line-up was the same as had recorded the previous year’s Difficult to Cure album, with the exception of David Rosenthal, who replaced Don Airey on keyboards.

This opens with the best track on the album, “Death Alley Driver”, which is reminiscent of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” lyrically. The guitar and keyboard solo is striking a shows great musicianship between Blackmore and Rosenthal. “Stone Cold” is a great pop-rock hit similar to Rainbows “All Night Long”, “Since You’ve Been Gone”, and “I Surrender”. If you like the radio friendly hits this is for you. “Tite Squeeze” and “Tearin Out My Heart” are slow rockers. Not really my cup of tea, and seemingly out of place on a Rainbow album. The next three tracks “Power”, “MISS Mistreated”, and “Rock Fever” are quite impressive and showcase how good Rainbow can be when it comes to radio rock. The final track “Eyes of Fire” is a great ballad-esque tune. Not at all bad and one of the finest Rainbow ever did. I feel this track would have been superb had Dio sang it.

Recommended tracks: “Death Alley Driver”, “Stone Cold”, “Eyes of Fire”.


1. Death Alley Driver 4:42

2. Stone Cold 5:17

3. Bring On The Night (Dream Chaser) 4:06

4. Tite Squeeze 3:14

5. Tearin' Out My Heart 4:02

6. Power 4:25

7. MISS Mistreated 4:25

8. Rock Fever 3:50

9. Eyes Of Fire 6:37

Rating: 6/10

Genres: Hard Rock, Power Metal

Joe Lynn Turner – vocals
Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
David Rosenthal – keyboards
Roger Glover – bass
Bob Rondinelli – drums

Run Time: 40:58

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