Rainbow – Stranger In Us All, 1995

Stranger in Us All is the eighth and final outing album by Rainbow, released in 1995. Blackmore put together a new version of Rainbow with little-known musicians in 1994. Stranger in Us All was originally intended to be his solo album but it was billed as Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, making Stranger in Us All the band’s first studio album in twelve years.

This album is a mix between Dio-era Rainbow and the Joe Lynn Turner commercial pop-rock albums. The first track is “Wolf to the Moon” which has a riff reminiscent of “Kill the King”, it’s an uptempo and somewhat operatic track. Following this is “Cold Hearted Woman”, this is a pop-rock song similar to what you’d find on “Straight Between the Eyes”. The lyrics and guitar parts are rather boring be the heavy drumming is a takeaway from this. “Ariel” is a dark and moody song. Very atmospheric with a heavy focus on the instruments, White has a nice vocal part here but it’s second place to Blackmore’s guitar work. Features one of the better solos offered by Blackmore. “Black Masquerade” is a riff heavy track with great vocals by Doogie White that give off a Iron Maiden feel. The most “metal” of songs on the this album. This album closes with “Still I’m Sad”, a Yardbirds song previously covered by Rainbow on their debut. This song differs from the first cover by featuring vocals and a break for the guitar solo whereas the previous was primarily instrumentally guitar driven.

Recommend tracks: “Wolf to the Moon”, “Ariel”, and “Black Masquerade”.


Wolf To The Moon 4:17

Cold Hearted Woman 4:30

Hunting Humans (Insatiable) 5:45

Stand And Fight 5:21

Ariel 5:40

Too Late For Tears 4:54

Black Masquerade 5:36

Silence 4:04

Hall Of The Mountain King 5:32

Still I’m Sad 5:24

Rating: 6/10

Genres: Hard Rock, Power Metal


⁃ Doogie White- lead vocals

⁃ Ritchie Blackmore – guitar

⁃ Candice Night – backing vocals

⁃ David Rosenthal – keyboards

⁃ Greg Smith – bass, backing vocals

⁃ John O’Reilly- drums

⁃ Paul Morris – keyboards

Run Time: 51:44

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