Samurai – Samurai, 1971

Samurai is an English prog rock band that put out a number of albums in the late 60s/early 70s. Samurai originally started as The Web, later shortened to Web, and finally Samurai. As The Web they released two albums, Fully Interlocking, Theraphosa Blondi, and I Spider under the name Web.

The album starts with “Saving It Up For So Long” which right out the doors has a great bassline. The guitar kicks in with a sound that is prominent on the rest of the album, a jazz-fusiony tone. The vocals are distorted but fit well; almost like garage rock meets prog. It’s a very groovy song. “More Rain” is a more melancholic track. A good change of pace for the preceding song and the following, “Maudie James”. “Holy Padlock” starts similar to “More Rain” till the synthesizer comes with a groovy bass backing it. “Give A Little Love” is was-wah pedal driven riff with a groovy instrumental between verses. The vocals are more clean on this track rather than the vocal distortion which is heavily present on the previous tracks. It ends with a psychedelic sounding saxophone lead. This is probably my favorite on the album. “As I Dried the Tears Away” concludes the album. An 8:14 song which explores many different sounds. From Progressive sounding, to Heavier, to Jazz-Fusion. It has a “circusy” sounding fast paced piano solo before returning back to the slower and more proggy sound.

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