Rainbow – Rainbow Rising, 1976

Following up with yesterdays album is the 1976 release of Rainbow Rising. Ritchie Blackmore only retained vocalist Ronnie James Dio for this album lineup and recruited drummer Cozy Powell, bassist Jimmy Bain, and keyboard player Tony Carey to complete the new line up. This album was recorded in less than a month and produced by […]

Five in One: Album Reviews

The Adventures Of Robert Savage Vol. 1, 1971 The artwork is a man facing a dragon in a fairy tale land, so I was expecting medieval/fantasy Prog rock. This is Hendrix inspired guitar based psychedelic rock. Nice fuzz driven guitar solos and great bass playing although the vocals are rather weak, other wise the band […]

Wishbone Ash – Wishbone Ash, 1970

Wishbone Ash’s self titled 1970 debut. Wishbone Ash, one of the earliest pioneers of the twin guitar leads. This album consists of six straightforward blues rock with a mix of prog, folk, and psychedelic improvisation. During a Wishbone Ash’s soundcheck Deep Purples Ritchie Blackmore was jamming and guitarist Andy Powell joined. After the show Blackmore […]

Atomic Rooster – Death Walks Behind You, 1970

Death Walks Behind You is Atomic Roosters second album and finest hour. Backed by Vincent Crane with wizard like control over the Hammond organ, John Du Cann(formally Cann) with dizzying guitar licks a la Eric Clapton, and Paul Hammond with an aggressive and hammering style of drumming. With Atomic Rooster as the sole words on […]